My name is Meg Falconer and I am a recent keto way-of-lifer.

I am a business owner and general internet junkie.

I have had a precarious relationship with food since I was a young teenager. I have never been overweight, however I have struggled to maintain what I consider to be a healthy body image. I’m not going to wax lyrical about the mainstream media’s influence on body image for women, or my perceived peer pressure to fit into a particular ‘size’ category, because you know all of that. For me, keto has been a way to look at, and overcome these issues, and a path to freedom around food, health and mental clarity.

I have also suffered with anxiety most of my adult life, and I have found that in the short time that I have been keto, this monkey has fairly rapidly fallen off my back. That in itself is reason enough to keto-on!

I love research and nutrition (I have a diploma in nutritional therapy and a BSc majoring in psychology. The psychology of health and eating has always fascinated me.

The only issue is, I’m not the best in the kitchen. I’m a little half-arsed if we are honest. This is not for want of trying, but baking or cooking and I just never really made friends. Hence, the name of this blog: Full Fat & Ugly.


I’d love to hear from you if you have any recipes you’d like me to attempt (simple only… I do not know how or why you’d want to make a ‘flan’).

And I apologise in advance for what they may look like on completion.

Meg xx